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Tariff Audit

Review and control of all the Telecom expenses. Contract validations, tariff and rates verification based on contract details.

Cost Optimization

Analysis and diagnosys of your fixed and usage charges. Design and implementation of saving solutions.

Employee app

Our mobile application allows your company to have in their phones the most updated contact information regarding your staff.

Invoice Processing

Our platform has the capability to manage electronic invoices from all LATAM countries in different formats such as TXT, CSV, PDF, etc.

5 Steps to reducing costs

Gather Information

In the first step, we use our proactivity to discover your telecommunications invoices. We will get in touch with your key resources and vendor executives.

We can additionaly go over your inventories and business topology, which would give us a good understanding about your consupmtion profile.

Baseline Report

Once we get your invoices, we will show you in the very short term how you are using your telecommunications budget account.

The main objective of this step is to agree on how much is your current expense, in order to have the initial status which will be compared with the optimizations executed in next steps.

Solutions Design

We will present you our analysis diagnosis and a list with the solutions suggested, where we detail the saving estimated and the plan that would demand their execution.

You could analyze the solutions designed, and decide which ones you would like to move forward with.


We will be the project leaders to execute the solutions that you had chosen. Every solution will have a project plan associated and you will have full access to check their status.

Savings Measure

After every solution is suceeded, the optimization will be measured against your new invoices.

We will show you how every saving is reflected in your invoices, which will be calculated using the baseline reports to measure the savings which our project achieved!


Who we are?

We are a group of senior consultants in Telecommunications and Techologies, with special focus in cost management. Our distinction consists in implementing simple and short term solutions, which would give us the opportunity to build up long term opportunities with our clients.


Our Results

Instead Telecommunications are getting more and more important every month, your expenses could reduce with our short term solutions. Give us the opportunity to show you the savings that we can reach.




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